Ideaverse Horde of the Apocalypse Weekly Report (2022.09.26–10.14)

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5 min readOct 17, 2022

Duration: 2022.09.26–10.14
Milestone Phase: Milestone Seven
Goal: company test — 1 test — 2 test version

Summary of this week
1. The remaining combat strike point configuration and combat strategy to achieve
2. Newbie rhythm debugging
3. Pre-breakthrough simplification
4. Blood moon pre-simplification
5. Equipment adjustment
6. Performance optimization

Follow-up plan schedule

This week will be adjusted after most of, eleven back for the final function finish
Development is expected to be completed by the end of October, the first round of Taptap testing in junior high school in November.

Project development

1. System & gameplay
[Blood Moon Invasion] UI optimization, operation optimization (art has been completed, to be developed)
[Store] The Awakening Store was renamed the Diamond Store, and the arrangement rules were optimized (Bill of Lading, to be developed)
[Season] New season stage conditions (under development)
[Operation-related] Entering the game interface buttons can be realized (completed)
[Longyin Terrace] Longyin Terrace Incubation Condition Changed to Waiting Time (Completed)
[Daily Direct Purchase] Unfinished Content Supplement (Completed)
[Operation docking] Entering the game interface button can be realized (completed)
[Eight Days Ceremony] Iteration of Interface Art Posters (Bill of Lading)
[Three Days of Growth] Iteration of table allocation logic, code optimization (Bill of Lading)
[Resonance Crystal] Quick Cultivation (Completed)
[Lighthouse special effects] Opening tower special effects + large map performance optimization (completed)
[System] UI optimization of some gameplay (completed)

【Hero System】
1. The step-by-step display of the breakthrough token in the breakthrough interface (completed)
2. Assassin group, Lian Po group, and Orc group skill attack point configuration (completed)
3. Hero decomposition “one-click add” rule optimization (completed)
4. Adjust the display position of hero tips (completed)
5. Added magic circle special effects to the hero interface (subsequent iterative optimization)
6. The “Upgrade” button for Heroes in Resonance state is changed to “Go to Resonance Crystal” (Completed)
7. Added prop consumption guide when the hero upgrades with insufficient food (completed)
8. The preview of hero star upgrade needs to display different conditions according to the quality of the hero (completed)
9. The reset hero needs to return the food (completed)
10. R card awakening window shielding (completed)
11. Optimized the interface of “List of Entries in Hero Awakening” (to be accepted)
12. Hero breakthrough planning adjustment (under development)

【Store System】
1. Adjust the list of hero token props (completed)
2. Store optimization: display the remaining number of refreshes, and adjust the display position of sold-out products (completed)

1. Optimization of general settlement rules (under development)
2. After the copy exits, return to the corresponding gameplay interface (completed)
3. Sound effects support for success and failure (complete)

1. Added tips on the pop-up windows of wild monsters and relics (completed)
2. [Wild Monster] Small-scale patrol performance (completed)

1. Bullet trajectory optimization, condensing bullets, bullet landing point, bullet trajectory (80%)
2. New animation of combat skill tab (100%)
3. Skill knock-up performance and server logic development (100%)
4. Troop animation optimization in stun state (100%)
5. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of the skills of the dead shooter (100%)
6. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of the Lianpo system (100%)
7. Assassin’s Creed series final version skill development, implementation and configuration (100%)
8. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of the Orc series (90%)

1. Select state and recommend state requirements (completed)
2. Understand the battle order to build a morale battalion, check the opening time of the morale battalion (completed)
3. Compare the buildable conditions of the Longyintai building with the tasks (completed)
4. Remove the excessive fog in the middle of the lens of the Holy City in the novice guide (completed)
5. Added an arrow pointing to the holy city in the state selection interface to increase the target (Bill of Lading)
6. Adjustment of some guidelines details (continuous adjustment)
a. War order guide, guide to the construction interface when there is no morale camp (completed)
b. The guidance effect of entering the big map for the first time is too fast, which prolongs the playback time of the camera. (completed)
c. Take a look at the guidelines on how to realize the planning and configuration of the special effects box (Bill of Lading)
7. Push the level configuration of 2–1 to 2–4 (completed)
8. Newbie npc dialogue support audio (completed)
9. NPC dialogue audio finishing (completed the first version)
10. Iteration of the effect of watching the holy city when the novice enters the big map (Bill of Lading)
11. The main process guides defect follow-up
12. Novice copy iteration (Bill of Lading)
13. Bug fixes in the process of building Longyin deck cards (completed)
14. The novice process just went in to adjust the lens effect (completed)
15. In the fifth and sixth chapters, add a camera, see the nearest neutral city nearby, talk to it, and move it back. Continue process (completed)
16. When you first receive technology points in the exploration reward, support guide dialogue (completed but not tested)
17. The fourth chapter starts the battle order, and guides you to receive the battle order coins and build a morale camp. (completed/need to adjust the opening conditions of the morale camp)
After 18.1–10, when you return to the main interface, a guide will pop up to understand 90 consecutive draws (completed)
19. The first Blood Moon Invasion was changed to a guide to understand the gameplay of the Blood Moon Invasion, and the more you play, the higher the experience efficiency and other rules (completed)
20. After clearing levels 1–8, when you return to the main interface, the dialogue will inform you that you can receive a mage on the road of glory (completed)
21. After clearing levels 1–9, guide the road to glory to receive the mage (completed)
22. The second blood moon invasion, the dialogue once again emphasized the blood moon invasion gameplay. Introduce dragon egg information (completed)
23. The dragon egg reward and the corresponding dialogue are adjusted to the blood moon invasion later (completed)

1. The quest rewards of daily quests are displayed in treasure chests. (completed)
2. The condition system deletes redundant conditions and follows up the screening process (completed)
3. The mission removes the multi-hero breakthrough type mainline (completed)
4. When the last task is in progress, the task click on the task shortcut bar on the main interface does not respond (completed)
5. The resource building upgrade task has been changed from upgrade level to production upgrade (completed)
6. R-quality hero shielding star-raising interface (completed)
7. When the daily task is not opened, the floating word will not be displayed to complete the task (with bill of lading)
8. Support in-progress logic when researching technology (completed)


1. The generals break through the numerical re-planning (completed)
2. Push the level and drop the re-planning (completed)
3. Re-planning of store sales props (completed)
4. The push-off adjustment value of the first chapter (completed)
5. Generals reincarnation numerical configuration (completed)
6. Iteration of props delivery on the road of glory (completed)
7. General upgrade, star upgrade value adjustment
8. Blood moon invasion monster attributes, monster wave number adjustment
9. Blood moon invasion experience efficiency adjustment
10. Skill value adjustment


【Ground Editing】
1. Reset 1401 map blocking (completed)
2. Birth point drawing (completed)
3.B area blocking (completed)
4. Repaint the river block (40%)
5. [Special effects] The fusion of character skills and special effects is optimized (40%)

1. All UI and text size adjustments in the game (100% completed in September, 40% this week)
2. Adjust the position of the red dot in the game (completed)
3. Hero’s new equipment packaging design, breakthrough button ui (completed)



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