Ideaverse Horde of the Apocalypse Weekly Report (2022.09.13–9.24)

Duration: 2022.09.13–9.24
Milestone Phase: Milestone Seven
Goal: company test — 1 test — 2 test version

Summary of this week
1. combat strike point configuration and combat strategy implementation
2. debugging the rhythm of newcomers
3. Performance optimization

Follow-up plan schedule

Most of the adjustments will be made this week, and the final features will be finished when we return from November, expected to test in mid-October.

Project development

1. System & gameplay
[Secret Code] Secret Code Settlement Delay Function (Completed)
[Props] Simplified prop names (completed)
[Tasks]The task bar displays the icon of the task type (completed)
[Morale Camp] The original function of the Morale Camp has been cancelled and replaced with a critical attack technology upgrade (completed)
[Wild monsters] Add the details button (completed) to guide the gameplay and search for the effect of wild monsters (completed)
[Blood Moon Invasion] Red Dot Rule (Completed) Quick Hang-Up Button Performance (Completed)
[Physical strength-related] Increase the upper limit of stamina according to the main city level, cancel the daily reset of all stamina rules (completed)
[Daily Direct Purchase] Unfinished Content Supplement (Completed)
[System] Optimization of settlement interface: Quickly click to skip (completed)
[Lighthouse special effects] Lack of artistic special effects (to be developed)

1. buff related logic is added, the effect of deducting only a little blood (100%)
2. The effect of delaying the destruction of models in death, that is, adding a “dying” state (100%)
3. The map grid calculation algorithm is optimized, from the pixel distance to the grid conversion (100%)
4. Assassin’s backstab effect is optimized, adding the effect of trailing, delaying the destruction of trailing (100%)
5. Optimized performance of all normal attack replacements for shield soldiers (100%)
6. The skill effects optimization of the Orc Assassin set (80%)
7. Optimization of damage formula process (80%)

[General System]
1. Hero training red dot (completed)
2. When the hero is upgraded five times in a row, a floating word prompt will appear (need to optimize, not completed)
3. Recruit hero display — add an existing label (the art has been completed, to be programmed)
4. Add stamina consumption to the breakthrough material sweep interface (completed)
5. Block the talent point tip when upgrading (Bill of Lading)
6. Character upgrade increases food consumption (completed but not tested)
7. Optimized the interface of generals, added labels, added descriptions of attack types and armor types, and optimized the display of equipment grids (Bill of Lading)
8. Hero Awakening adds prop consumption (the function has been implemented)
9. Gaia group, Thor group, Lianpo group skill hit point configuration (completed)
10. Adjustment of skill level description — separate display of the tips of the skill itself and the tips brought by the equipment star upgrade (completed)
11. Hero Skills
1. The final version of Galen’s skills development, implementation and configuration (100%)
2. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of Thor’s set of skills (100%)
3. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of the skills of the dead shooter (80%)
4. Development, implementation and configuration of the final version of the Lianpo system (30%)

1. Game-related description interface optimization, pictures and descriptions (100%)
2. A new function is added. When building troops attributes, a fixed skill attribute bonus (100%) is given.

Thor group passive skill configuration (already uploaded configuration)
Galen group passive skill configuration (already uploaded configuration)
The passive skill configuration of the dead shooting group (the configuration has been uploaded, and there is no piercing damage attribute of the clothes)
Assassin’s Creed Passive Skill Configuration (Uploaded configuration)
Lianpo Group passive skill configuration (already uploaded configuration)
Orc group passive skill configuration (uploaded configuration)
Machine Group Passive Skill Configuration (Uploaded Configuration)

[Beginner’s Guide]
1. Resonance Crystal Guidance Support (Completed)
2. Novice guide, support for moving the camera to the main city (completed)
3. Guide to push the level-shooter’s guide to get out of the battle (completed)
4. The main process guides defect follow-up (continuous follow-up processing)
5. Novice dungeon iteration (Bill of lading — art/program/special effects)
6. Gulong Guidance bug fix (completed)
7. Synchronized adjustment of the guidance of critical strike technology (completed)
8. The fog unlocked by the novice lighthouse also increases the fog reward (Bill of Lading)
9. When you first receive technology points in the exploration reward, support the guide dialogue (supported by the bill of lading program)
10. Chapter 4 starts the battle order, and guides you to receive battle order coins and build a morale camp. (Increase the task of understanding the war order system)
11. The first Blood Moon Invasion was changed to a guide to understand the gameplay of the Blood Moon Invasion, and the rules such as the more you play, the higher the experience efficiency (completed)
12. After clearing levels 1–8, when you return to the main interface, the dialogue will inform the road of glory that you can receive a mage (completed)
13. After clearing levels 1–9, guide the road to glory to receive the mage (completed)
14. The second blood moon invasion, the dialogue once again emphasized the blood moon invasion gameplay. Introduce dragon egg information (completed)
15. The dragon egg reward and the corresponding dialogue are adjusted to the blood moon invasion later (completed)
16. Remove the main line of morale camp (completed)

[Task adjustment]
1. Novices unlock fog plus special effects (Bill of Lading)
2. R-quality hero shielding star-raising interface (Bill of Lading)
3. When the support task is in progress, the priority is automatically reduced to the lowest (defective — bill of lading)
4. When the daily task is not opened, the floating word will not be displayed to complete the task (with bill of lading)
5. The main quest to improve morale is changed to learn crit technology. And remove the crit tech mission of the sideline (completed)
6. The main process guides defect follow-up
7. Novice copy iteration (Bill of Lading)
8. Bug fixes in the process of building Longyin deck cards (completed)
9. The novice process has just entered and adjusted (the bill of lading has been completed)
10. Add a camera in the fifth and sixth chapters, see the nearest neutral city nearby, talk to it, and move it back. Continue the process (Bill of Lading)
11. Novices unlock fog plus special effects (Bill of Lading)
12. R-quality hero shielding star-raising interface (Bill of Lading)
13. When the daily task is not opened, the floating word will not be displayed to complete the task (with bill of lading)
14. Support in-progress logic when researching technology (completed)

[Instance dungeon related]
1. The first level of combat teaching (completed)
2. The second free battle (completed)
3. The third level understands the type of shooter and guided attack armor restraint (completed)
4. The fourth level understands the shooter, but no longer guides the attack type restraint (completed)
5. In the fifth level, the monster focus fire shooter guides and pulls the shooter away (completed)
6. In the sixth level, monsters focus on the fire shooter, no longer guide and pull the shooter away (completed)
7. The seventh level monster focus fire shooter, do not guide (complete)
8. In the eighth level, monsters gather, and the mage troops are supported (completed)
9. The ninth level, monsters gather, no Mage troops support (completed)
10. The tenth level, monsters gather. (Finish)

[Road to Glory]
1. Optimization of bubble display rules (completed)
2. The interface iteration of the road to glory (completed)
3. The road to glory has been changed to 3 stars and 1 reward, and diamonds have been added (completed)

2. Document related
Two new fields are added to the skill table for configuring skill descriptions (to be programmed)

3. Numerical correlation
1. The numerical planning of food consumption for character upgrade
2. Adjustment of resource consumption for urban construction upgrades
3. Residential huts provide population cap value adjustment
4. Hero-related passive skills are configured with specific values ​​(test passed)
5. Iteration of props delivery on the road of glory (completed)
6. Skill numerical planning (all completed)
7. Market value adjustment (completed)

4. Art related
1. Original character painting: organize character co-ordination

2. Original scene painting: Alliance Fortress 100%
Orc City Construction Market 60%

3. UI function: icon and layout optimization of alliance official interface -100%
2.9.15–9.21 Week Summary — 100%
Resonance Crystal related interface optimization requirements -100%
Hero equipment iteration -100%
Special gift package modification feedback, refinement -40%
Login screen iteration Fgui — 100%
Morale Camp icon and interface jump after clicking -100%
Simple icons for task types are added to the task shortcut bar — 100%
Added tabs to Hero Rewards interface and Resonating Crystal interface — 100%
Alliance Fortress Bubbling Basemap -100%
This week’s UI summary adjustment -100%

4. Model: Character: Support 6
Scene: 1: The material resource windmill and the three houses are reduced to 100%.
2. 60% completion of the alliance flag high model
3. Orc Commander’s Hall 100%
4. 50% completion of the alliance flag high model

5. Action: support 6

6. Special effects: get the magic circle of the hero interface -100%
Effect of Dragon Shadow -100%
World map optimization -50%
World Map — 80%
Effect brightness modification -100%

7. Land editing: Edit river editing objects 100%
Big World Tree Texture Tweaks
Great World Rivers complete submission. 100%
Big world cloud map, material is 100% complete
Edit the surface blending map at the edge of the river. 100% complete.
Edit holy city, split model (10% pause)
Export duplicate scene assets (100%)



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