Ideaverse Horde of the Apocalypse Update Report (2022.10.17–11.05)

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8 min readNov 7, 2022

Time: 2022.10.17–11.05
Milestone Phase: Milestone Seven
Goal: Beta Test 1.0, 2.0

Summary of the week

SLG bonfire test version content focuses on the following.
1. Add rocker, single click, experience adjustment, newbie adjustment
2. Increase elemental attributes, create a pre-production team and match items between teams
3. novice tuning
(1) click to move and combat novice adjustments
(2) all newcomers to open the taskbar to continue the task steps, changed to directly click on the main interface taskbar to carry out, do not have to open the taskbar interface
3) Some of the NPC dialogue guidance changed to bubble + arrow direct guidance, reducing the guidance steps
(4) newbies do not need a new copy, art pause, currently not much better than now, time is limited, directly in the original newbie copy of the tuning
4. combat clarity, all obstacles to combat clarity are to delete.
(1) close view to hide the avatar, far view to show the avatar, the avatar does not shrink when pulling away
2) Reduce the number of monsters in the army, ensure that the player heroes have about 4–5 characters, and the monsters have about 3–4 characters. Special monsters can be handled in unique numbers
3) Jumping word display of restraint relationship
5. the secret code of each level monster and play details configuration
6. The information display of each growth to check and fill in the gaps
7. Information display of each game to check and fill in the gaps
8. Information display of each function to check and fill in the gaps
9. Performance, lag and heat tuning

Follow-up plan schedule

Around 15 November 2022, R&D to provide the new master package for release to debug taptapSDK*.
21 November 2022, before 12:00 pm, give the official release master package
(All features need to be largely completed by the 16th, with only bug fixes and art resource replacements in the final week unless very critical and important features)
23 November 2022, 10:00 pm Tentative release of Bonfire Test to the public.

Project development

Project development status

System & Gameplay
[Heroes & Troops] Elemental attribute setting (under development)
[Blood Moon Invasion] Detail optimization (completed)
[Road to Glory] The required Glory Medal for the first mage was changed to 80%
[Hero Recruitment] Optimization of pop-up prompt when props are running low in limited-time recruitment (completed)
[Operation Related] Show server maintenance status (Completed)
[Shop] Awakening Shop renamed to Diamond Shop, alignment rules optimized (Completed)
[Replica] General settlement rules optimization (Completed)
[Neutral City] Map model adjustment (Completed)
[Props] Prop acquisition source adjustment (completed)
[Troops] New alert effect when troops can be replenished (Completed)
[City Building] Blacksmith Shop Adjustment (Completed)
[Three-Day Growth] After the iteration of the Blood Moon Invasion, the pace of the corresponding three-day growth quests has been adjusted (to be tested)

[Equipment] New treasure chest for equipment of choice (Completed)

[Resonance Crystal] Guidelines for initial entry to Resonance Crystal (pending program production)

[Blood Moon Invasion] Quick hang-up function opening add condition (already mentioning the order)
[Casting] Birth state text modification

Hero System

Optimize the jumping of breakthrough material acquisition path (completed)

Changed “Recommended Battle Power: XXX” to “Recommended Level: XXX” (Completed)

Added special effects to the location of the target item when the breakthrough item is successfully synthesized (completed)

Changed the number of items consumed for hero upgrades to a thousand digit division (completed)

Optimization of skill level and status in the hero status display list (completed)

Breakthrough system planning adjustment (completed)
Iteration of equipment interface without 7 pieces of equipment (completed)

Hero breakthrough red dot rule optimization (completed)

Adjustment of the effective condition of the equipment attribute “X skill +1” (completed)
Character skill effect fusion optimization (80%)
Demon Knight group skill bug fix and logic optimization (100%)
Clicking on an item in the Awakening screen requires a pop-up guide to the Diamond Shop (completed)

City Building

Blacksmith shop's new upgrade to improve the success rate of orange clothing instructions (completed)

Added a new condition to control the second building troop purchase limit (completed)

Iteration of city building button configuration (completed)

New special effect of magic aura surrounding the Holy City (in production)

Added pop-up guide for initial entry to Resonance Crystal (completed)

Modification to add status to lucky stones when the probability of becoming a costume is 100% (completed)

Added main city level below character name in gift shop gift list (completed)

Combat jump character performance adjustment (100%)
Treacherous Lord — Sosa skill hitting feeling optimized, special effects optimized (100%)
Roulette movement function development (50%)
Vampire Archer set skill logic development and configuration (80%)
Raccoon Assassin set skill logic configuration and special effects configuration (100%)
Demon Knight set skill mechanics development as well as configuration (100%)
Breakout system planning adjustments (completed)
Bullet trajectory optimisation, recoiling bullets, bullet drop points, bullet trajectory (100%)
Combat skill label animation anomalies fixed (100%)
Skill hit performance effect tuning and landing (100%)

Newbie Guide
Newbie copy iteration configuration (60%/pause)
Fix guide card flow hidden problems (ongoing follow-up)
Troop bubble dialogue performance optimization (raised order)
Newbie guide dragging troop effect support to show dragging path (raised order)
After pointing to a lighthouse, an NPC says: “The lighthouse lights up this area! Keep exploring to find the lighthouse or something (done)
Tidied up the guidance bubble dialogue in the newbie process (done)
Optimised the zooming guide when entering the map for the first time (done)
Adding an arrow to the city to increase the target in the state selection screen (done)
Some guideline details adjustment (ongoing adjustment)
a. War order guide, guide to construction interface when there is no morale camp (completed)
b.First time to enter the big map guidance effect is too fast, extend the camera play time. (Completed)
c. See how to implement the planning configuration of the special effects box guidelines (completed)
Iteration of the effect of looking at the holy city for newcomers entering the big map (done)
Newcomer process goal to establish configuration (ongoing configuration)
a. dialogue content perfection
c.Newbie guide adjusted to explore the mist guide (first time normal exploration, second time explore the fake lighthouse)
b.War order guide, add guide click weekly rewards (completed)
c.First time to enter the big map to see the performance of the holy city effect
Breakthrough in the logic of star marking and add guidance instructions (completed)
Add special effects to the state selection interface (completed)
Support secret dictionary missing troop guide (completed)
Guidance interface iteration follow-up (completed)
First time camera performance into large map
First time opening fake lighthouse view pulled up a bit more (completed)
Guideline for first time upgrade/star promotion/breakthrough/transformation/skill upgrade of warriors
a.Add dialogue guide when upgrading for the first time (completed)
b.First breakthrough +2 guide to breakthrough shooters and explain breakthrough gameplay (completed)
c.Second breakthrough guide to star marking gameplay (completed)
Deal with the hidden problem of newbie guide fake world boss card process (completed)
Blood Moon invasion mission adjustment (guide objectives; first guide level 20 5 stars, second guide level 30 5 stars, third guide level 40 3 stars (completed)
Morale camp guide, construction, blast tech learning (completed)

Mission Chapter 6 of the learning Blitz Technology mission, changed to Chapter 4 (completed)
Separate the missions for fighting wilderness monsters and clearing 1–10, and insert a building upgrade in between (completed)
The quest guide supports playing different guides for first click and non-first click (completed)
Chapter 5 quest adjustment
The first phase of the newbie guide tasks all do not open the mission screen operation (completed)
Daily quests iteration (raised the order)
Removed main quest for any warlord to break through to +8 (completed)
City side quests: complete 1 bazaar special sale, visit another person’s bazaar once, and conduct a bazaar lottery (order raised)
The task of production capacity, after clicking on the task, NPC dialogue pops up, telling the upgrade to improve production capacity, and then 5 to 6 levels is a large amount of increased dialogue content (completed)
bazaar side task: 1. first bazaar resale; 2. visit 1 other bazaar; 3. conduct a bazaar lottery (completed)

Secret Code
Pace of opening of the secret code linked to the main quest (completed)
Follow up on the flaws of the secret code display props (completed)
Push the level 1–2 to add skill guide, add shield skill (raised the list)
Unable to challenge replica prompt optimization (completed)
2–5 to 2–10 level configuration (completed)
Push Levels 1–1 to 2–10 Official monster value configuration
Push level countdown only starts counting from the end of the guide (Completed)
Troop creation orientation: when creating a troop, the default orientation is towards the nearest hostile unit (raised)
Optimisation of the inability to challenge secret dictionary hint (done)
1–5 can drag away the shooter unit before the shooter unit takes a hit. It would appear that the transfer target star would not finish. (bug)
1–8 monster placement tweaked to see how to make all monsters hit only the front row of players. And add some Sousa out episodes (to be tested)

New season stage conditions added (completed)
Season reward collection rules optimized (completed)

II. Values

Hero skill value adjustment
Secret code value adjustment
[Raccoon Group] Passive Skill Configuration, Strike Point Configuration (Completed)
Blood Moon Invasion level value adjustment (completed)
Equipment value adjustment (completed)
Market value adjustment (completed)
Alliance technology donation consumption adjustment (Completed)
[Demon Knight Group] Passive Skill Configuration, Strike Point Configuration (Completed)

[Machine Group] Skill logic configuration landed, passive skill configuration, strike point configuration (completed)

[Elemental Group] Skill logic configuration landed, passive skill configuration, strike point configuration (completed)

Newbie Blood Moon invasion level time adjustment
Secret Code level drop display adjustment
Blood Moon Invasion monster attributes adjustment
Personal boss attributes, the shield value adjustment
Neutral City related battle attributes adjustment
Adjustments to the properties of Gathering Point monsters and Barbarian monsters
Alliance stronghold attributes adjusted
Blood Moon and Gathering Point recommended level and battle power adjustment
Mainline first star upgrade item rewards switched to another mission
Adjustment of the stamina value given in the main line chapters

III. Art

Original character artwork.
Chapter Illustrations: Chapter 1–100%
Chapter 2–10%

Scene original artwork.
Novice copy of city plan — 100%

UI features

[Troop bubbles] Arrow adjustment for troop bubbles in scenes-100%
10.24–10.28 Weekly Summary-15%
Breakthrough Material Icon Complement / Breakthrough Material Icon Complement-100%
[Resonance Crystals] Optimization of images used for guidance -100%
10.17–10.21 Weekly Summary — 100%
Blacksmith Shop] New tab for building upgrade details — 100%
[Three-Day Growth] Three-Day Growth Billboard Adjustment -100%
Blood Moon Invasion iteration-100%
Find game intranet map replacement-50%
Guidance arrow map — 100%.
10.8–10.14 Weekly Summary-100%
Skill boxes for hero awakening skills-100%
Diamond shop added unearned status — 100%
Iteration of the checkout screen for hero breakthroughs and star upgrades — 70%
Newbie guide] Newbie flow guide zooming ui-100%
New blacksmith shop gem drawing-100%
Hero equipment iteration-100%
Breakthrough materials set

Character: Support 6 parts
Scenery: Some scenery object models Mapping production optimization.
Ground finish 100%
Novice Village Partial model mapping Adjustment — 100%
Town model splitting completed 100%
Small round table production completed 100%

Support 6 parts

Special effects
New special effects around the Holy City -100%
Some special effects for movement and attack performance -50%
Minotaur Shockwave outer ring optimisation -100%
Maris shield push optimization -100%
Rose arrow effects optimized -100%
Hero appearance optimization: (34) -100%,.
Assassin: Blade Light Optimization, Shield Breaking Optimization -100%

Land Editing
Copy Editing: 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106.(100%)
Secret copies 18301, 18302 (100% complete) 18303 (80% complete)
Check and miss 1401 scenario neutral city block, edit non-birth point mask information.
Edit neutral city coordinates 30, edit ground mix map, and edit blocking info. Brush non-birth point blocking information — 100%
Edit completed novice scenario 1702, out-of-town edit completed — 100%



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