Ideaverse Fortune Heroes Update Report (2022.10.17–11.05)

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3 min readNov 7, 2022

Time: 2022.10.17–11.05
Milestone Phase: Milestone Two
Growth and commercialisation

Summary of the week

The Monopoly in-group competition was successfully completed from 24–26 October.
Suggestions and bugs in the core gameplay were also collected.

The game outsourcing is temporarily suspended and will be pushed forward after we get the data and feedback based on the test in early December.
We will continue focusing on marketing negotiations and developing content for the testable version of the game.

Follow-up plan schedule

All content development is scheduled to be completed by 24th November
6th December to release the testable version for testing

Project development status

I. Documentation
Completion of new skills configuration
Functional acceptance in October
Optimisation plan after the first studio competition
PASS membership card display requirements (market demand) have been documented
Pre-registration gift function (market demand) documented
Third-party tournament functionality (market demand) documented
Community identity display (market demand) documented
Improve ai documentation, add 4 player brawl scenario
Third-party tournament documentation completed — front-end performance, back-end rules, back-end setup rules
Special effects collation, concurrent requirements
Icon finishing, concurrency requirements
Skill tweaks for 5 new heroes
New 7 chance card designs
Additional prop icon design
Additional skill icons design
Treasure chest effect design
New hero skill design and form filling
Optimisation list content refinement
Hero skill design optimisation

II. Art related
1. Advance hero model
2. Advance dice model
3. Advance treasure chest dynamic effect design
4. New architectural design

III. Technology

Code optimisation, skill module optimisation (skill target selection, skill parameter transfer optimisation)
Function development, Sun Wukong skill development (70% completed, finished skill target selection, pre-processing and parameter checking logic, remaining buff effect logic)
Function development completed the implementation of the new 1004 condition in the shop module, the new refresh filtering implementation, the new commodity purchase carry parameters, and the automatic use of props implementation.
Problem fix, solve the problem of the client receiving protocol disorder
Fixed an issue where the heroes’ experience was overflowing the experience pool
Fixes, fixes shop module amount without front check, throwing push after purchase failure and discount field judged empty, product refresh filtering implementation of the starting service error, fixes the purchase limit after the purchase of the number of inconsistent issues.
Functional development, completed the development of Meow Prophet skill and self-testing completed.
Function development completed Cupid skill development and self-testing completed.
Functional development, complete the specific implementation of primary, intermediate and advanced AI (currently 75% complete, advanced AI specific implementation left using skill support)
Functionality iteration, treasure chest extraction drop count support after triggering the guarantee rule to retain the remaining dropped count
Problem fix, World Cup grid calculation discount error
Functionality iteration, completed basic architecture adjustment to support inserting skill switching behaviour function development and self-testing completed
Functional development, completed Cleopatra skill development and self-testing completed
Functionality development, completed and self-tested username prefix matching logic in a special mode of the game
Functional development, AI system infrastructure design and AI matching logic completed and self-tested
Fixed an issue where the same colour trigger condition was not met, but the same colour effect was triggered
Fixed an issue where the grid multiplier was not cleared after bankruptcy

Shopping mall system (remaining workload 5%, waiting for the market side staff to connect the skd uid to the validation)
Fix hero system, ranking bugs
Preliminary newbie tutorial (100%, to meet the current needs of the planning, subsequent need to add support)
Mailbox system (70%)
Optimisation of DrawCall for in-bureau housing
Fix bugs in matches
Add skill breathing light effect

Change game character colour, game character information, behaviour information tips, hero interface, city building display Optimisation iterations
Fix in-game bugs
Treasure chest system (80%, etc. art)


Online system use case writing (100%)
Online system testing (85%)
Extraction testing (50%)
Hero system bug acceptance
Leaderboard system bug acceptance
System use case writing (100%)
Hero system (5) (90%)
Leaderboard system (90%)
Leaderboard use case writing (100%)
Bug examination



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