Ideaverse Fortune Hero Weekly Report (2022.09.26–10.14)

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3 min readOct 17, 2022

Time: 2022.09.26–10.14
Milestone Phase: Milestone Two
Goal: Growth and Commercialization

Summary of this week
The current in-bureau play section, checking the gaps and enhancing the feedback experience

In Overall -
Front-end: prop system, mall system, newbie tutorial
Back-end: the new 5 heroes skills, AI system
Planning: out of optimization needs, optimize the front-end display

Follow-up plan schedule

  1. October 24–26, the entire research 3 studio internal + marketing operations + related art, held Monopoly Grand Prix
  2. Mid-November, submit testable version, content game play, placement, growth, 10 heroes including skills, a number of dice
  3. In mid-January, submit a version that can go online, including chat, expressions, 20 heroes including heroes, 10 dice (tentative)

Project development

Document related
1. Document related
1. Chat system completed
2. Skill configuration completed
3. The mall configuration is complete
4. The battle order configuration is completed
5. The drop configuration is complete
6. M hero optimization document: block gold coins display; M hero display
7. Treasure chest animation requirements
8. The file adjustment of the cup value, refer to Brawl Stars
9. Optimization and adjustment documents before the studio competition
10. Improve AI system documentation
11. The art requirements of grid buildings in the bureau

Art related
1. Complete all original dice paintings
2. Role model outsourcing follow-up
3. Dice model outsourcing follow-up
4. Internal follow-up of hero skill special effects
5. Outsourcing follow-up of original scene painting
6. Internal follow-up of treasure chest animation

Technology related

Back end
1. Code optimization, initialize player heroes and skills and skill levels through configuration
2. Code optimization, when the skills are used, the enhancement skills and enhancement effects are encapsulated into objects and returned
3. Function iteration, buff removal adds buff removal type
4. Fixed the problem that the player id of the current behavior of the room behavior is always 0
5. Bug fixes and skill-related issues (wrong target selection for looting skills, fate buff triggers twice, and chainsaw action target limitation issues)
6. Bug fix, fix the problem that the exclusive three-color settlement is triggered when buying a building at the beginning
7. Bug fixes, fix the bugs generated by purchasing luxury paid battle orders after the battle order is full
8. Iteration of functions, the type of settlement rules that lead to the settlement of the game due to the addition of events thrown after the game is completed
9. Function iteration, complete support for M hero related functions. Enable and self-test through configuration, and support player default hero configuration
10. Function iteration, complete the dice system to add single and double attributes to support development and complete self-testing
11. Bug fix, fix the problem that the deduction cost of uninhabited island grid is 0
12. Fixed the problem that the player did not trigger the construction behavior when stepping on the city grid
13. Repair the problem, fix the problem that the opportunity card grid does not pop up occasionally
14. Bug fix, fix the problem of selling buildings directly after clicking the automatic mode button

Front end
1. Harley Quinn, Little Red Riding Hood, Dice Master, Financial Crocodile, Rock Queen Skill special effects installation
2. Skill enhancement bug fixes
3. Item display, game performance optimization
4. Mall system (50%, the rest: back-end interface access, skd access)
5. Various bug fixes
6. Some small performance optimizations in the game
7. Treasure chest system, experience props (60%, and other back-end protocols are perfect, art animation, special effects)
8. New masks are added for newbies, ;buying a city, acquiring a city, changing money, paying tolls is compatible with the novice process (60%)

Bugs fixed
1. Understand the project team structure and project students, build a test environment (completed)
2. To develop game and related competitive game experience. (completed)
3. Read gameplay documentation, etc., and write skill-related use cases. (completed)
4. Understand and use relevant testing tools. (completed)
5. Conduct game-related tests and submit bug orders. (completed)
6. Write core gameplay and hero skill use cases. (completed)
7. The core gameplay-related functional tests (95%) remain to be fixed for bug fixes.
8. Hero skill test. (10%)
9. Acceptance has fixed BUG. (95%)



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