Ideaverse Fortune Hero Weekly Report (2022.09.13–9.24)

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3 min readSep 26, 2022

Time: 2022.09.13–9.24
Milestone Phase: Milestone Two
Goal: Growth and Commercialization

Summary of this week
Continue to focus on the final mall function development and skill making.
At the same time the Monopoly test has arrived at the post, fast continue to speed up and advance the development progress.
Art continues to follow up on the design and production of scenes and characters.

Follow-up plan schedule

October art back after 10 characters, can start testing, estimated to be completed in early October, then integrate resources and optimization, estimated to start testing in mid-October — end of October

Project development

Document related
1. Complete the architectural style art requirements
2 Complete the novice tutorial document
3. Complete the front-end performance of the remaining skills
4. Dismantling skill icon special effects requirements
5. Optimize [match system documentation] & adjust configuration
6. Adjust the drop table configuration
7. Adjust the growth path configuration
8. Adjust the configuration of battle orders
9. Chat system 80%

Art related
1. Promote the outsourcing process of [Dice Modeling]
2. Promote the outsourcing process of [Hero Modeling]
3. Start the design of [Login Scenario] and [Main Interface Scenario]
4. Sort out the distribution of original character paintings and hero modeling follow-up outsourcing
5. Produce the original painting of the remaining 6 dice
6. Treasure chest UI output

Technology related
Back end
1. Complete the iteration of the card selection function and complete the self-test
2. Complete the iteration of the player trophy leaderboard and complete the self-test
3. Complete the function development of the novice tutorial and complete the self-test
4. Complete the matching function iteration and complete the self-test
5. Complete the function development of the mall and complete the self-test
6. Iterative skill system, skill energy change increases charge id push, buff skill effect increases buff source type
7. The buff system iterates, increasing the buff effect to trigger the response push
8.ROLL point increase player ROLL point broadcast push
9. Fixed the problem that after canceling the tour in the travel grid, the next round still enters the travel behavior
10. Fix the problem that Harley Quinn’s skills have no effect
11. Fix the problem that the exclusive three-color victory condition is invalid
12. Repair the problem of using the treasure chest

Front end
1. In-game buff system, in-game passive, optimization of opening process
2. Two hero skills docking (100%)
3. Novice guide development (20%)
4. Bug fixes for War Order and Growth Path
5. Harley Quinn skill implementation (90%)
6. Strengthen skill adaptation (60%)
7. Fix internal bugs
8. In-game optimization
9. Beginner guide (60%)
10. Support multiple new special effects
11. Optimize the performance of growth path and battle orders
12. Treasure box lottery performance
13. Implement in-game special effects (including in-game special effects, hero skill effects, treasure chest effects, etc.)

Bugs fixed
1. Fixed the problem that Little Red Riding Hood’s skills did not take effect
2. Fixed the Queen of Rock skill not taking effect
3. Fixed the display of sequence cards in the game
4. Fixed the problem that 0 cup matching does not take effect



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