Ideaverse Community How We Build Together?

Ideaverse Community, what you can get here, what we hope you to do here, how we build together?

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3 min readNov 21, 2022

Crypto and web3 industries have unique features you can’t find in any other industry. Every project has a community that follows the project development and supports it throughout all of its life cycles. Ideaverse, as a GameFi studio building web3 games, is building its products around a community of people passionate about gaming, blockchain technology, and web3.

Why you should join the Ideaverse community NOW

At the date of writing of this article, the Ideaverse project is still in an early stage; joining now means that you will be one of the early community members. Being early in our community means you will have the chance to become one of the OGs and participate in important events such as the launch of the Ideaverse Studio products like new games and minting new NFTs collections.

Ideaverse plan to launch several web3 games in the coming months. Being an early member of the community can give you a chance to invest early in those games and make good gains from your investments when they go viral. You will have multiple investment opportunities while being a member of our community. You don’t want to miss the opportunity.

In addition to getting good investment opportunities by being an Ideaverse community member, you will have the chance to win free rewards as well. Ideaverse organized many giveaways and events to give back to our community. Last week, IDV has launched a free mint NFT collection to celebrate the World Cup events taking place in Qatar (World Cup 2022 NFT Collection ). Our community members minted free NFTs and will later win prizes (stablecoins, IDVP, and tokens) in events and competitions designed exclusively for NFT holders.

Lastly, when you join the Ideaverse community, you will build a network with many talented people passionate about gaming, web3, and crypto. You can learn new things every day from other community members that share their experiences. If you are a new member and your web3 knowledge is limited, our community members and moderators will walk you through this new universe until you are ready to do everything yourself. We help each other in the Ideaverse community so that everyone finds success.

What do we hope you do as an Ideaverse community member?

Our vision is that we want to build together with our community, and we want every community member to be a part of our journey. That’s why we need you to make some steps in that direction.

First, we want you to learn about Ideaverse mission and version and be educated about what we do and why we do what we do. To do so, we want you to visit our website, read our whitepaper, and check our product plan. Educating every community member about our mission and vision will strengthen our community and trust us.

The second thing we want you to do is to follow our social media pages and support us. Make sure to follow our Twitter account and medium blog, and join our telegram group and Discord server. Your support is important to the success of our mission. When you see a new tweet from our official Twitter account, make sure to engage with it by liking it, retweeting, and commenting. This will help us reach more people in the web3/crypto community and eventually grow our community.

When it comes to Discord and Telegram, we want you to stay active. We share many events and giveaways every week we want you to participate in them. Ask your questions in the chat and answer other community members’ questions if you know the answer to them. Active members on Discord automatically earn points and badges, increasing your rank and allowing you to benefit from exclusive perks.



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