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3 min readNov 24, 2022

1. Development plan and publish date of the IDV projects

We have plans to release the games in Nov, frankly speaking we are encounter a delay, and we understand that we have disappointed our community that had been waiting for the game.

We have to spend more time to development the product due to below factors:

The integration of blockchain and the game: Security and audit, how to ensure the users’ asset is protected

The uncertainty of the market, honestly speaking it is not the best timing to release the product when the market is in its darkest moment. We have to consider the expectation of our investor.


We understand that a lot of focus will be in WC during November, that is one of the reasons why we issue the WC pass collection, it is also a beta of our IDV pass release. Again, we did not charge for anything as we think it is a gesture for our community members especially the OGS.


We have set the absolute deadline before Christmas.

We ensure this timeline will be delivered as we understand the important of credit in Web 3.

2. Target Market and sales map

As mentioned, it is our mission to build a gaming environment that Web2 and Web3 games can co-exist and back to the natural of the game — the fun of the game itself.

Also as we mentioned about the marketing mindset of Web2 vs Web3, for web 2 aspect, as of the enter path, usually the marketing activities are projected after the game is launched — ad buying, influencers marketing etc.

Discord will be our main channel for Web 3 users, and it is our target to resolve the over speculation issue in a lot of projects by injecting the value/income from Web2 to the vault of community to create continue values for the nfts/tokens.

So to simplify things, the major roadmap will be Web 3 community -> Game launch -> promotion for Web 2 users.

3. Objective of AMA and Collaboration project and user retention

While the reason of all the ama and collab is not only for user grow, but also to hear the comments and feedback from users, that we can engage the community in the project and studio development.

There are a lot of valuable comments that we have learn and adopted into our product design, like the revise of IDV pass price to align with market expectation, the rank to earn model etc.

We will continue to bond with other projects/community to spread the info of our studio and products.

We understand that as a GameFi project, the core products/reason to retain users are the game itself, and that is the definite focus for the whole team now.

4. NFT benefits and design ideas

We understand as of the users, in many cases in a NFT projects that we will be focusing on the “utilities”

While for us, the utilities of the WC pass will be as a poap of the event, for user engagement and win some reward that can redeem into our in-game reward for our users who support their team.

For the IDV pass, it is a recognition of our early supporters, we understand the benefits of it is bit in the mist, while there is a process that while the games are built, we can apply and reward our early supporters with benefits/tokens/other benefits.

That is also one of the reasons why it is designed to be free mint for our OG and it is not a must item to enter any games of IDV, it is like our score sheet of user recognition as well.

If anyone wants to wait until the games is released and only to purchase the pass when they feel like they are part of us, we understand and respect it.

5. WL/OG benefits and positioning

Utilities of the IDV pass please refer to the last question, for the confirmed benefits in game (again we know it is still a illusion of promised as the game is not out yet.) carry a value, to be align with the price for in game purchase, there will be a cost with it, again, it is the bundle of benefits we can offer to our OGs at the current stage.

At the other hand, if it would be more convincing that if partial of the pass come after the game, so the benefits of it can be more solid, that can be considerate and we are open to community suggestions.



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